Manning shows poor Super Bowl sportmanship

Following Super Bowl XLIV, the press swarmed the the field, the confetti dropped and the celebration began. Saints and Colts alike congratulated Quarterback Drew Brees on his first Super Bowl victory, and the first in the history of the franchise. However, one star was noticeably absent: Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

The star QB had left the field before the end of the game dissatisfied with the loss. His excuse for leaving early was that he felt “the field belonged to the Saints.” This clearly shows how much of a sore loser Peyton Manning is.

According to an article on, a sports analyst claimed that Manning did not act out of line. And that the reaction was not surprising, because both Manning and Brees wanted to win the game. I do not buy that claim. Win or loss it is always respectful to congratulate the other team. Manning’s refusal to do so was a childish, poor show of sportsmanship by the veteran quarterback. I have not liked Manning since I began following professional football years ago; I have always seen him as an arrogant show off and always sort of a sore loser when he did not get what he wanted. The incident following the Super Bowl just cements my negative view of the player.