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Kyler Getman poses with a cancer survivor for a Pink Out Night.

Rodeo High Rides

Sarah Schmidt, Web Assignments Editor May 22, 2023

Dirt crunches as Freshmen Kyler Getman steps towards the chute, heart racing and palms sweaty as the bull calmly waits for the show to begin. A prayer is said for both bull and rider, and a gentle pat...

A Chronically Online Influence

A Chronically Online Influence

Sarah Schmidt, Web Assignments Editor April 18, 2023

  Influencers have existed well before the internet. Rock bands, actors and singers were all famous based on how much of an impact they made on the general population. Nowadays the term is used for fashion...

Family Feuds

Family Feuds

Sarah Schmidt, Web Assignments Editor April 11, 2023

Sitting around the table, conversation flows back and forth between family members until the inevitable pops up. Politics. One slip of a word and a once rumbling chatter turns into deafening noise as members...

The student section cringing as the ball misses.

Paint In Pink

Sarah Schmidt, Web Assignments Editor February 16, 2023

On Feb 3. Both of the basketball teams held their annual Pink Out night to raise awareness and money towards cancer. While the girls had a good game, ending with a score of 55-20, the boys ended on a nail...

Senior Zain Bari intently focuses on his Medical Interventions assignment.

College Craze

Sarah Schmidt, Web Assignments Editor January 12, 2023

College application season is always a special time for seniors. Whether special is good or bad, seniors try to find the balance between college essays, fall sports, and everyday homework. Overachieving...

Water levels in the guidance office after the pipes burst.

Christmas Catastrophe

Sarah Schmidt, Web Assignments Editor January 6, 2023

For many, Christmas day was a time to spend with family and enjoy the day off from school, but FHC administrators and custodians spent their time cleaning up water. After a week of bipolar weather, the...

Mrs. Solverud leads the choir

In Tune

Sarah Schmidt, Staff Reporter November 3, 2022

Choir continues to harmonize with one another as new Director Donna Solverud takes over for Mrs. Baird. After a change in positions at the end of last year, former choir director Mrs. Baird became the...

Students and staff pose for the camera, showcasing their school spirit.

The Spirit Of Finals

Sarah Schmidt, Staff Reporter October 21, 2022

With semi-new changes to the finals schedule, students struggle to keep up when returning from winter break. After enjoying family time and celebrating the new year, students return to school and are only...

Lighting designer Jenny Ryder talks to crew members

Calling All Spellers

Sarah Schmidt, Staff Reporter October 19, 2022

Stage lights shut off, darkness enveloping the auditorium as footsteps can be heard trudging away.  Finally after almost 2 years of masked shows and cautious planning,  Theater is ready to steal the...

Gwen Johnson smiles down at a project she works on in Mrs. Judy Russells classroom.

A Chronic Mirage

Sarah Schmidt, Staff Reporter October 10, 2022

Backpacks and heads of hair move through a hallway; all skin tones, body types and identities are represented. What you don’t see is what’s hiding beneath some of them. An insulin pump, weekly shots,...

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