Paint In Pink


    Samantha Castille

    The student section cringing as the ball misses.

    On Feb 3. Both of the basketball teams held their annual Pink Out night to raise awareness and money towards cancer. While the girls had a good game, ending with a score of 55-20, the boys ended on a nail biter. With an early lead, both teams fought hard but at the literal last second, North scored the winning point ending the game at 48-46. 


    The Pink Out game has been a fan favorite amongst the crowd, not an open seat in sight at Friday’s game. With the band including 8th graders in on the fun, and the cheer team inviting the “Mini-Cheer” team to join them, the night was a huge success regardless of the final scores.

    One of the mini spartans waves to the crowd. (Samantha Castille)


    Junior Player Alexis Matthews felt proud of the girls performance but felt even prouder for representing cancer awareness. 


      “We’re celebrating the ones we love who have gone through cancer. Not everyone can be here tonight so we get to spread awareness for them,” Matthews said. 


    Sophomore Cheerleader Alana Rittgers was excited to be involved with the night, both with the “Mini-Cheer” and the donation collection.


    “It’s cool for us because we get to see the support and donations for cancer awareness,” Rittgers said, “Pink Out is one of the few games where a majority of the student body shows up since it’s kind of like a homecoming game.”


    The basketball team was able to raise (insert amount) throughout both games. After the energy from the Pink Out game, both teams are ready to keep pushing forward on the rest of their season.