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Olivia Zykan focused on listening to the coachs advice.

Digging Deeper for Districts

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter May 13, 2021

As the girls’ soccer season ends, post-season rolls in, and with that, districts. The team is pumped to finish strong in their final games of the spring. According to sophomore Delaynie Brown, the team...

The Prom-lem

The Prom-lem

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter April 27, 2021

Like many students in the FHC community, junior class treasurer Sarah Percy was distraught with the outcome of this year's fight for prom.  “When the news came out that prom wasn’t happening,I...

This color coded map represents where student athletes with be playing in college, the darker the blue represents more students in the state.

Committing Across the Country

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter April 7, 2021

Listed below are the seniors who have committed to play as student athletes for colleges as of Feb. 3: Faith Bridges, Women’s Soccer at Hannibal LaGrange University Sophie Delaney, Women’s...

Sophomore Paige Rice passing off the ball to senior Gillian Nicholson.

Kicking Off the Season

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter April 1, 2021

Last Tuesday, Mar. 30,  girls soccer lost a tough conference opener to Fort Zumwalt West. The final score was 1-0, and although this wasn’t an ideal outcome for the start of GACs, the girls are prepared...

A young asian woman, put into a box labeled Kim Doll. This woman doesnt have a face because she represents the women in the Asian community, who constantly are put in a box and on display for others who view them as a collectable.

I Am Not Your “Kim Doll”

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter March 20, 2021

I am a 17-year-old Vietnamese girl, and racial comments aren’t uncommon to me. The ones I never expected were the comments that had sexualized me. Yeah, sexualize. Do you feel uncomfortable yet? I have...

The red polish spilt on the floor represents the way businesses have been hemorrhaging money like blood.

A Nail in the Coffin

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter January 28, 2021

Every once in a while, I get the common question of “What do your parents do for a living?” Keeping in mind I do fairly well in school, many people assume my parents are doctors or scientists. But...

The Last Judgment was the piece that drew those who walked through the entrance to go straight to it. Many visitors spent a large amount of time studying the work for each minute detail. The more they looked the more they saw.

The Sistine in the Lou

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

For many people, religious or not, the Sistine Chapel is a bucket list location for art connoisseurs or people with eyes. For years, people have traveled to the detailed frescoes of Michelangelo, and is...

The Capitol building burning in a metaphorical Trump flag flame. Although the building was not burned down during the riot, there is a lot of damage done to the building and the nations reputation.

The Capitol Has Fallen

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter January 8, 2021

I remember the day Biden won. It felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders. I felt relief seeing people dancing on the streets rejoicing, banging pots and pans from their homes, shouting to the world:...

The cover of the popular family game Clue. This year’s play, “Clue”, will be adapted to keep safety a top priority, while the Spotlight Players will work to make a good quality virtual play to watch from home.

A Clue Into the Fall Play

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter November 19, 2020

Junior Rachel Vrazel, practicing for the role of Yvette on zoom. Preparing to perform on stage with her fellow cast members, dressed head to toe in 1950’s fashion, and sitting proper at a table. But,...

The varsity boys soccer team huddles at a previous game. The players believe that their connection as a team was what brought them so far.

Boys Soccer Finishes Fall Season

Anna Baranowski and Sydney Tran November 13, 2020

The boys varsity soccer team lost their final game, against Francis Howell, on Nov. 4, making them 2nd in the district and wrapping up their fall season. Their record was 15-7 with a season of multiple...

A girl pulls back her eye for the fox-eye trend compared to a geniune Asian eye. Trends like these, to the Asian community, seem like a way to mimic their inherited eyes. Even though they endured years of ridicule, when models do it they are beautiful.

Comfort in Offensive Content

Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter November 9, 2020

People take comfort in the anonymity platforms offer. It serves as a shield against real repercussions. As a result, people have crossed the lines multiple times at the expense of hurting thousands, if...

Crazy Cool: Halloween Edition

Crazy Cool: Halloween Edition

October 22, 2020

This is the first episode of the "Crazy Cool Podcast", with junior Sydney Tran and junior Sarah Percy. The CC podcast will feature crazy topics that we tell you in a cool way. We encourage listeners...

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