Navigating Quarantine

Separate a space into a clean and dirty side. Use disinfecting wipes to clean containers and avoid contamination.

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

May 13, 2020

The conditions people are facing under COVID-19 are wildly unprecedented and scary, and none of us are completely confident on how to deal with it. Everyone is under a stay-at-home order, which means to stay at unless they must leave for reasons deemed essential. It is not safe for ourselves or other...

Don’t Equate Emotions

Every brain is different. This causes us to receive and process events and emotions differently than others.

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

May 4, 2020

Everybody has their own personal struggles and flaws; that’s the human condition. Not everybody feels as though they can express the emotions associated with those struggles and flaws; that’s human nature. People excuse themselves from their true emotions for a plethora of ridiculous reasons, and one ...

Keeping In Touch Timelessly

Zoe Michals mailing off a letter to her pen pal.

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

April 28, 2020

There’s only so many TikTok’s I can watch, posts I can like and messages I can read. In my pre-quarantine life, everything was always go-go-go. It was rare to be home before 7 p.m. at the absolute earliest. But now, with all of this new free time, I have the opportunity to binge TV shows, browse Insta...

Zoe Michals

Zoe Michals

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

April 24, 2020

With so much new free time and the order to stay home, my dad has found the final solution to all of our boredom: yard work, yard work, yard work! Thankfully my allergies have spared me from the thick of it, but no one is safe in this yard restoration mania. My neighbor has been enlisted to help re-mu...

The Fallacy of the Friendzone

Many harmful interactions are had online via text messages and social media. People on the other side of the screen have feelings too.

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

April 10, 2020

Receiving a text message has the effect on people of a euphoric release of dopamine. Which makes it even more disheartening to open a message and have “Ur such a b****, I thought u cared about me. Why would u lead me on like that?” glowing across the screen. And just for a moment your heart breaks....

Pacifiers and Poop Jokes

Vin Diesel stars in the 2005 hit

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

April 3, 2020

We’re all trapped in our houses. For the greater good, but nonetheless, it is boring. There’s not much to do or see, and there even becomes a point where it’s hard to find something to watch. Staring at a screen, rotting your brain, starts to feel like a chore. So, here’s a movie to spice up yo...

Staying At Home and In Shape

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

March 30, 2020

Self-isolation is one of the most important factors in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring a speedy recovery back to our “normal” lives. However, there are negative consequences that can be assumed for many who are staying in their homes.  As the pandemic takes its course in the Unit...

Taking on Thescon

Jenna Woelfel, Abbie Kohler, Kylie Christensen, and Sam Cole walk the streets of Kansas City between workshops. They participated in fun theatre-based activities with fellow thespians across the state.

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

February 18, 2020

Nothing compares to the sound of 2,000 excited “theatre kids” in the same room. Comparatively, nothing compares to the amount of passion, love and support shared by a room of 2,000 inspired young thespians.  The Francis Howell Central Spotlight Players of Honor Troupe 5743 recently attended the M...

Tear Down with Timberland

Two boys wrestle on the mats in a recent dual. Francis Howell Central's wrestling team won with a 39-36 lead.

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

January 31, 2020

Tuesday January 28, the varsity boy’s wrestling team competed in a home dual against Timberland. The score was close up to the very end, but the Spartans pulled ahead in the final matches to defeat the Wolves with a 39-36 win.  Juniors Andrew Mirth, Khris Humes, and Kaden Hart competed hard to defend thei...

How To Feast Festively

A gingerbread man cookie, you can find a recipe for your own in this story!

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

December 22, 2019

We are quickly approaching the time of year infamous for festivities and fattening. To  successfully accomplish the latter, try out these tasty holiday treats! Whether you are in need of a dessert for a school holiday party, a friend get together, or a family gathering, these are three well-liked holi...

Dabbing with Death

Smoke blows, similar to the smoke that comes from dab pens.

Zoe Michals, Staff Reporter

November 19, 2019

Addiction. We are addicted. Addicted to convenience. To people. To feelings. In a country where mental illness, reckless substance abuse, and a “need to please” attitude are all growing exponentially, too many teens are turning to addictive alternatives to cope. And now, as the 33 dead would give ...

From Sectionals to State

From Sectionals to State

Zoe Michals, Staff reporter

November 6, 2019

This weekend, for the first time in program history, our girls volleyball team will be heading to the all-state competition at Southeast Missouri State. As a part of the final four teams in the state, players are feeling pretty confident in their abilities at the upcoming tournament. This win is very sp...

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