From Sectionals to State


This weekend, for the first time in program history, our girls volleyball team will be heading to the all-state competition at Southeast Missouri State. As a part of the final four teams in the state, players are feeling pretty confident in their abilities at the upcoming tournament. This win is very special for all the players on the team, especially seniors Emily Mundle, Kayla Steinmeyer, and Olivia Green.

“I’m excited that I get to experience this with [them] because we’ve played together since third grade,” Mundle stated. 

A similar theme applies to all the other girls on the team who are proud to be a part of this team and this experience. For the girls, just going to state has been a consistent, overarching goal throughout the season. Now that they are in the final four, the reality of their accomplishments can really set in. 

“I’m excited… I’m shocked,” exclaimed Steinmeyer.

The girls have worked extremely hard this season in all areas of play, and seeing the payoff is very rewarding. Not only have they improved their game play, but as the season progresses, the bond between players has grown. This translates greatly onto the court. Green believes that this chemistry combined with the talent on the team puts them at a good place for the upcoming competition.

I think we’re definitely in the peak of our season right now. We peaked at the right time.”

— Olivia Green

“I think we’re definitely in the peak of our season right now. We peaked at the right time,” Green said.

The team has really high hopes for the upcoming weekend, not only because they are at their peak, but also because they are the underdog. They plan to use this position to their advantage and can hopefully take their competitors by surprise.

“We have a good chance if we all just put our heads down and go quietly,” claimed Mundle. 

To support our girls volleyball team this weekend, a bus will be taking 50 students to SEMO on Friday for $10 each. For more information visit the activities office.