Alumnus aspires to meet idol Taylor Swift for coffee

To get the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet their idol is something most people can only dream about, but for alumnus Jordan Slone, this dream could turn into reality thanks to YouTube.

Slone wrote and recorded a video of himself singing a song to his idol, Taylor Swift, inviting her to have coffee with him while she was on tour in St. Louis on Aug. 13 and 14.

“What I really like about Taylor Swift is that she seems like a real person,” Slone said. “Even in the midst of her fame she is so humble, kind and genuine to all her fans and anyone she meets, which I find very attractive and respectable.”

On Aug. 9, Slone posted the video the YouTube with the hope Swift would see and answer his request. After seeing videos created by soldiers inviting celebrities to be their date to the Marine Corp Ball, he got the idea to create the video to Swift, according to Slone.

“When I had caught word of [the Marine Corp Ball videos,] I thought to myself, ‘why not throw myself out there?’” Slone said. “I know I’m no soldier, and I have a ton of respect for those guys, but I am trying my best to be an artist, so I spent a couple days trying to come up with the right song and then I posted the video.”

The video was being seen not just through YouTube, but was shared on Facebook and being re-tweeted on Twitter to Swift. With 400 views and counting, Slone finally received a response, not from Swift, but from Fox 2 News requesting to interview him about his video. His interview aired at 9 a.m. on Aug. 12.

“It was amazing, incredible and terrifying [performing on Fox 2 News live], but I think I was ready when it happened,” Slone said. “It was the coolest thing ever to work with the guys and girls at Fox 2 News. They are some of the kindest, most supportive, and really just the sweetest people I have met in a long time.”

Slone’s motive behind the video was due to his love of both Swift and music. He hopes to get the chance to meet her and talk with her about how she got where she is today, according to Slone.

“I want to meet Taylor because, obviously, I think she’s really cute, but that isn’t the only reason. I want to know how things got started with her career,” Slone said. “I know that, a lot like myself, she started out just playing at the coffee house in her home town, and with the support of family, she put herself in a position that couldn’t help but be noticed. I just would love to know her and talk about things like that.”

Slone, like Swift, is also a young musician. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist in the band Clockwork with his brother, sophomore Logan Slone and sophomore Logan Mohler. The band has been together since 2008 and just released their first CD called “Clockwork – EP” this past summer. His band-mates were supportive of him trying to meet Swift.

“I thought it was a pretty rad idea [to try to meet Taylor Swift through the video],” Mohler said. “I’m proud of him following through on something most wouldn’t even consider trying.”

Because of Slone’s music background, he says he would like to talk with Swift about what it feels like to be in front of such a big crowd at her concerts. Like Swift, Stone started off performing at local venues but hopes to make it big some day.

“I would ask her what it’s like when you step onto the stage and know all of those people are all gathered at that place, packed wall to wall, because of something you love to do. It just has to be amazing,” Slone said. “I myself have been striving for that as an artist and musician. To get feedback from someone who started right where I am starting now and is now living that dream, it would be incredible.”

Although Slone has not been presented with the opportunity to meet Swift, yet, he is still hopeful.

“I honestly don’t know [if I will get to meet Swift.] With her being who she is, I know that she has to be a very busy person,” Slone said. “But, I really hope that it works out that I do get the privilege to meet her.”