Lights on, Noises Off

Actors take the stage to perform their annual Fall play.

Michayla Pordea, Staff Reporter

With an intricate set in place, the actors taking one last breath to calm their nerves, and the audience patiently waiting, the curtains opened to reveal a detail-oriented home, where Mrs. Clackett, the housekeeper, was attempting to sit down with her sardines and watch the Telly. And cut.
The director stops all actors on stage to reveal that this play is indeed inside another play. The actors constantly messing up their lines begin to create tension with the director. Slowly, and in many different accents, stories of the characters lives are revealed and you begin to see their personal drama along with the play they are trying to execute.
A rotating set allowed you to see behind the scenes of their play in Act 2. Seeing the different sides of the chaotic production was truly intriguing. Although, confusing at times, the actors did a magnificent job with executing every little movement properly. Running through doors and windows, and up and down and around a set can be perplexing for both actors and the audience. The actors were so precise with their movements, that it made less confusing for the audience, and more comedic and enjoyable.
Although the acting was impressive, what truly blew me away was the set and how professionally the details were executed. The countless hours and labor that were put into the set, props, paint, costumes and so on, definitely paid off. The crew did an outstanding job with bringing the show together. The beauty was in the details, and the actors brought those details to life.
Overall, Mrs. Nelson and the senior production staff did a wonderful job with this production, and the actors are definitely a talented bunch. With roaring love affairs, addictions, dramatic personalities, “Noises Off” is guaranteed to keep any audience entertained.