Pinning the season

Boys varsity team brings huge amount of success so far this season

These past few months, the boys varsity wrestling team has been doing immensely well. Thanks to the dedication among the players and coaches, the team has flourished and will continue to do so.

Senior Joey Ziegler is extremely excited for the potential that this season holds for the entire team.

“I feel like everybody’s just working harder than they ever have before,” said Ziegler. “Because we actually have a chance to win the state tournament this year.”

The wrestling team’s winning streak isn’t due to just the players, though. The coaches have put in their part and made the team better as a whole.

“You can tell a lot with the coaches; they’re a lot more into it. With every match, even if we’re wrestling a kid that’s not that good.” said Ziegler. “They’re a lot more into it this year because they know we have a chance to win [the state tournament] this year, too.”

Senior Jacob Gajewski is also ecstatic about the success the team has had so far this year.

“Most of our team are seniors and we’ve worked hard the past four years and it’s all just starting to come together.” said Gajewski.

The  team has recently beat Howell 33-28 with lots of hard work and dedication. Senior Kyle Mellor knows that his team is going to do well no matter what.

“The team bonding has gotten a lot stronger,” said Mellor. “The first year we didn’t really feel like it was a full team and it was just more an individual sport. Now, it’s more a team sport we all come support each other especially at tournaments we all watch each other.”

For most of the players, it’s their last season so everyone has made a decision to step up and try to be great.

“This year, everybody’s only got like two or three losses and I feel like this success is well-due,” said Ziegler.