Elliot Russo holds a streak in band history

Districts competitions only appear once a year for any activity and for band, senior Elliot Russo pulled out a victory.

Russo made the 2011-2012 district jazz band for his first time. Through dedication and practice, this accomplishment was greatly enjoyed.

“This really affects my senior year because to me it was passing a milestone. It adds a lot more stress because of my AP classes and marching band, but I am glad I made it with the time I was allowed,” Russo said.

According to Russo, the band as a whole is also affected by his achievements. The trend is not broken in terms of making districts thanks to Russo.

“This means that the band will have a student in the district jazz band from our school. I am keeping a streak going, as far as jazz band is concerned,” Russo said. “From a personal point of view, I think people are able to make the band with a lot of practice and preparation.”

Russo’s saxophone career could not have gotten this far without his personal teacher, Larry Johnson, and fellow band members.

“My saxophone teacher gives me private lessons and pushes me to my limits for the greater good. He really made me feel prepared going into the auditions,” Russo said. “Also, I got personal feedback from doing mock auditions.”

Not only did Russo make the district jazz band, he also has a chance to compete for the state band. Last year, Russo made it to callbacks without moving any further and hopes to make it all the way this year.

“I hope to make state this year. I have auditioned every year but never made it. Since I made it to callbacks last year, I would like to be the first saxophone to make it to state,” Russo said.

Although Russo has already exceeded the regular band, he is a little nervous about the state competition.

“The caliber in St. Louis seems to be higher. The students seem to be better at jazz, so it means a little more practice,” said Russo.