Gingrich grabs judges attention

After singing her first solo in pre-school, senior Anna Gingrich has been addicted to what she calls a part of her: music and singing.

“I sing in my car, I sing in my head, I breathe the beats to songs, and I sing every single day, whether it is for choir or church,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich has been in musicals from ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ at University of Central Missouri in fifth grade to ‘Seussical the Musical’ last year as a junior. Not only has she been in shows and choirs, but Gingrich also sings at church.

“I have been in choirs at my church and always at school,” Gingrich said. “I lead worship on Sunday mornings for elementary age kids as well.”

Gingrich enjoys jazzy intricacies in the music she listens to because she believes she also possesses the style in her own voice.

“There would be a void in my life without my voice and ability,” Gingrich said. “I never realize how much I use it until I get sick and lose it, and those are the most miserable days.”

However, Gingrich did not get were she is today alone. She has been inspired by her musical family, but mostly her sister, alumnus Lindsay Gingrich.

“Lindsay made it into All-State choir when we lived in Nevada, and since then she has been pushing me to audition,” Gingrich said. “She never fails to have complete faith in my abilities, and she does nothing but cheer me on. She is like the proudest parent when success comes my way, and she always pushes me to go out of my comfort zone. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have that amazing relationship with my sister.”

With the support of her sister, Gingrich was able to be one of the five singers to make All-State Choir.

“My mind was completely blown,” Gingrich said. “There are only four people for each voice part that get to be in All-State, and three of them [are] altos from Francis Howell Central!”

Although Gingrich has spent most of her life in music, and has had many experiences in music in and out of school, she is not looking into having a future in music.

“I’m not planning on going into any musical careers, but I will always continue to sing,” Gingrich said. “The things that I have gained, and will gain after being part of Missouri’s 2012 All-State choir, will always remain with me.”