Chumbley confidently becomes All-State alternate

Ever since senior All-State qualifier Kyle Chumbley was a toddler, he has been singing. His first public singing experience was in front of the church at Sunday mass.

“My first singing experience was when I was enrolled at St. Williams Academy, and I had to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ in front of the Sunday mass,” Chumbley said. “I can still remember how nerve-wracking it was.”

Since then, Chumbley has matured by taking voice lessons and performing to improve his abilities.

Chumbley’s first favorite music group was none other than N’Sync, but now that his voice and music knowledge has grown, Chumbley looks more toward the voices of Adele and Jennifer Hudson.

“Singing allows me to relieve the inner stress and let me do whatever I want,” Chumbley said. “It also just lets me relieve my inner emotion, and that’s why I put my heart and soul into every song.”

Inspired by his mother, father and grandma, Chumbley turns to music as less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle.

Chumbley has been a part of Saeger Singing Sensations, Metro 8 Honor Choir, Chamber Choir, Metro Honor District Choir and All-State Choir. He has also preformed in “Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” “Cinderella” and “Seussical.”

Chumbley, although confident, had a reason to be because he made All-State last year as well as this year. According to Chumbley, making All-STate once is a huge accomplishment, but twice just adds to the excitement.

“Making the Missouri All-State Choir two years in a row means a lot to me and it is such an accomplishment in my life,” Chumbley said.

After preparing for All-State Choir, Chumbley was unafraid, but when he found out he had made it for the second year in a row, his reaction showed his excitement.

“I absolutely freaked out when I found out,” Chumbley said. “Seriously, I jumped all over my room!”

Despite his passion for music, Chumbley sees music in his future but not as a profession or field of study.