Burns qualifies for All-State

As an elementary school choir enthusiast, senior Josh Burns had his first musical experience in fourth grade.

“I’ve grown immensely as a student of music and as an artist since [fourth grade],” Burns said.

Besides fourth and fifth grade choir, Burns has been in the All-State Choir and District Choir multiple times in middle school, and District three times in high school. He was the Prince in “Cinderella” two years ago.

“Singing has given me self-confidence and common ground with many life long friends,” Burns said. “Music is something I can always turn to as an outlet for all kinds of emotions.”

Burns’ favorite music to listen to is alternative, while Italian is his favorite type to sing chorally, and although the music he listens to inspires him, the choir teachers, such as John Varwig who have taught him, have influenced him the most.

My biggest inspiration(s) have been the choir teachers I have had over the years and the positive impacts they have had on me,” Burns said.

Along with his many choir teachers, Burns has a voice coach, Cynthia Benavides, who has helped his voice mature and has really helped his talents stretch.

After singing since the fifth grade, Burns was excited to qualify for All-State, but he was unsure of his talent. He normally sings tenor in choir, but during his audition, he tried for tenor two, a deeper singing ensemble.

“I wasn’t too confident since there are so many other talented singers in the metro area,” Burns said. “I felt extremely accomplished and honored.”

Although his past has been filled with music and singing, Burns is not planning on having a musical career.

“I don’t plan on going into a musical career, but I do plan on continuing in being in choirs throughout the rest of my life,” Burns said.