Festival kicks off the fall sports season

Fall festival brings together all levels of sports to start year off strong

Aug. 14 marked the opening of fall and its sports. Teams, cheerleaders, and friends of the members were waiting on the grounds for the fields gate to open, when like an army the band marched in from the distance; playing loudly, they paraded into the field, heeled by color guard, cheerleaders, sport teams and their coaches.

Students and parents filed into the bleachers armed with gourmet cupcakes, food from the trucks, and snowcones. After a performance from band and colorguard, cheer and dance, and a little bit of Spartan pride, the sports started up, the most popular being the soccer scrimmage.

Freshman soccer player Mason Thode said the team prepares for games, even scrimmages, by following the coach’s advice of to “come physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to every practice and game.”