Borgmeyer belts ballad for All-State

It all started with a fifth grade musical. Senior alto Margaret Borgmeyer, one of the five All-State Choir qualifiers, began her singing career in fifth grade.

“I sang a solo in the fifth grade musical — I think that was the first time I really realized I could sing,” Borgmeyer said.

Borgmeyer is part of the Women’s Chamber Choir. She has also been a part of Middle School Choir, Singing Sensations, Metro 8 Middle School, Treble Choir, Patt Holt Connection, Metro 8 High School and now Missouri All-State Choir.

She has also preformed in many musicals. The large roles were in “Beauty and the Beast” as Madame De La Grande Bouche, “Night at the Wax Museum” as Violet Sneed, “The Nutcracker” as the Snow Queen and most recently in “South Pacific” as Ensign Nellie Forbush. She also attended the Missouri Fine Arts Academy as a vocalist in 2010.

“Music is an expression, a release,” Borgmeyer said. “Some people need to punch something or scream into a pillow; I prefer to sing.”

Music is not only an expression, according to Borgmeyer, it is part of who she is.

“Singing doesn’t really make me who I am; it’s really the other way around,” Borgmeyer said. “My singing, my music, is a reflection of who I am.”

Borgmeyer enjoys folksy music, such as The Civil Wars, but her favorite genre to sing is a jazzy, soulful type of music like Adele.

“I used to be a very poppy, country singer; now, I enjoy singing jazz, classical, opera and musical theatre,” Borgmeyer said.

Although Borgmeyer has been in many lead roles in musicals and in many choirs, she was pessimistic about her All-State audition.

“Going into the audition, I knew I could sing [Locus Iste], but I certainly thought that any of the girls there could out-sing me on it, but when I found out I made All-State, I could not stop shaking,” Borgmeyer said. “I thought I was going to cry. It’s really a huge accomplishment, and I still can’t believe it happened.”

Not only does Borgmeyer have a history in music, but she also hopes to have a future.

“I intend (basing it on what the college offers) to either major in Musical Theatre or double-majoring in Vocal Performance and Theatre,” Borgmeyer said.