Positivity is key

    GAC’s and Sectionals have already taken place for the girls golf team. One athlete, Emma Wolf, will be moving on to state October 12.

    The GAC tournament for the girls golf team took place Sept. 23, resulting in player Emma Wolf getting 9th place, and player Rachel Mossotti getting 14th place. Since then Monday September 28, the girls golf team went to districts, players Hannah Lager, Alayna Dehne and Brooke Killian shot PR rounds, Hannah Lager 105, Alayna Dehne 112, and Brooke Killian 116. Player Rachel Mossotti shot 98, missing sectionals by one stroke and Emma Wolf shot an 83, and came in third place out of 60 golfers in Class 2 District Tournament, and moved onto sectionals which took place October 5.

    Overall the girls are very happy with their improvements over the season, and are really grateful for each other and their support. Many of them said their performance thus far in the season has drastically changed since the past seasons, and are still working toward getting even better.

    “Although the season is now over, I have high expectations for next year. I would love to further improve my game and eventually be in the running to go to sectionals”, said Killian.

    “We practice and motivate each other to be better everyday. We often tell each other ‘positivity is key’…We are proud of each and every one of ourselves and plan on earning multiple more victories.”, Lager said.

    Emma Wolf played in sectionals on October 5, and placed fourth with an 87 and is moving on to the state finals. Despite her nerves, and disliking for the course, she was very happy with her performance, and how she played in those conditions. To prepare she practiced a lot and played a practice round at Wolf Hollow.

    “I felt I truly did the best I could yesterday at wolf hollow, sure there were 1 or 2 shots that could’ve been better but the majority of my score was my putts because the greens were so difficult and had a lot of slope”, Wolf said.

    Looking back on the season, and ahead the team is hopeful, and proud.

    “I owe it all to my team, this year we really believed in each other and grew as a family and without their encouragement I wouldn’t be able compete as good as I did.”, said Wolf.

    Emma is extremely proud of herself, and her team, and hopes to keep improving to be ready for state.

    “I really believe that golf is a game played on a 6 inch course– the distance between your ears because if we we didn’t believe in our teammates we wouldn’t have done as well,” Wolf said. “I’m just really proud of my team for pushing through and giving it their all this season. I believe as a team we gave it our best and we will continue to get better!”