Keeping the confidence

Boy’s soccer do not let losing keep them down

Elisa Swanson

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May 17, 2017


The boys soccer team is in the CYC tournament at Soccer Park this week. The boys beat St. Mary’s 4-2 in their first game on Tuesday. They came out of the game against Webster Grove with a 3-1 loss. The boys remain confident in their ability to pull out another win.

According to sophomore right midfielder Kurtis Ralston, the team played well, but Webster Grove was a good team.

“We only lost 3-1 last night to a team that won Class 3 state last year” stated Ralston, “We had a slump halfway through [the season], we are starting to pick it up back up again.”

So far in the year, the boys have had four shutouts. For sophomore center back,  Armen Grigorin, his personal strength was having his teammates’ backs.

“I play okay, I can always be better, but I think I am pretty good at covering for my teammates.” said Grigorin.

For senior right back, Jacob Guilstorf, the object is to take down a team’s main striker. He felt in the St. Mary’s game the team successfully did that and in future games, if they could get the opponent’s main striker and finish the game, they could win the game.

“I feel pretty confident once we shut down their striker,” Guilstorf said, “Our position and shape is good.”

For Guilstorf, the team’s biggest weakness is the inability to win an overtime game. The boys have had four games go into overtime and they have lost all four. Guilstorf spoke for the entire team when he felt they could win districts again.

“If we could win overtime games, we could be 9-2 now but we have lost all four overtime games so we are 6-5.If only we could finish out games.” Guilstorf said.