Updating for registering

Maintaining the role of most important in the guidance office is the online registration. Counselors continue to prepare for January and February, when students will register for classes for the 2012 – 2013 year.

Recently, counselors have been putting together a script for an instructional video intended to guide students through the online registration. The idea came from Parkway, who already does the online registration.

“We’re going to use some of their script,” said Mrs. Michelle Breuer.

Librarian Andrea Head is going to help the counselors with the video section of the registration page.

In other areas of the guidance office’s schedule, counselors will be meeting with the head of different elective departments to discuss the changes in their courses. This is so that counselors will have a more accurate view on each elective. That way, when a student needs help picking their classes, a counselor can offer better advice on where to go. The meetings usually last about an hour, and happen every December before the end of the semester.

“[It is] a slower time now, which is good because finals are coming up, and we’re open to help kids,” said counselor Mrs. Breuer.