Parade brings community together

Annual parade unifies clubs, sports, Cottleville


All the sports teams, clubs, and activities of Francis Howell Central came together to participate in the homecoming parade on Thursday, Sept. 24. Students, coaches, and faculty threw candy, necklaces , and more for the excited crowds. At the parade, the anticipating kids waiting on the sidewalks shot out into the streets to fill their hands with as much goodies as possible.

Sophomore Sophie Gitlin, a member of art club who took part in the parade, said it was a fun way to get everyone pumped up for the powderpuff game and a great way to unite our school into a family.

“it felt great to participate in a big school event. it felt as if our school was one big family. the parade was a great way to get everyone hyped for the powderpuff game,” Gitlin said.