Fine arts in full swing

In order to get the community and school involved in school events, National Art Honor Society will be hosting the Fine Arts Festival on Jan. 13 from 6:30-10 p.m. It will be an exhibit of all of the fine arts that the school has to offer, from choir and theatre to all art classes.

Choir plans to set up a coffee shop environment, where they will do an open mic night. Each member of the choir will do a small performance, of mostly popular songs, and will do an acoustic twist to them.

“This is really a time to show our FHC community and the local community that we have lots of talent here in all of our fine arts programs, and [it] really gives the students a time to shine,” said Director Elisabeth Baird. “I know the band, choir, drama and art departments are all working very hard to make this festival a huge success.”

As for the art department, they will be setting up a gallery in the lobby to showcase their art work. The students will be making little crafts to sell, and the AP Art Studio class will be doing a silent auction, where they will auction off art work from students, in order to raise money to send an art student to an art-based school. The scholarship will be in the name of William Hearst, who was the head of the art department years ago, but recently passed away.

“I think they are planning on giving the scholarship to a student on Senior Night,” said art teacher Michelle McCune.

The theatre department will be showcasing a variety of short skits and monologues. They are also putting together an improvisation team, which currently includes seniors Nicholas Deckard and Aaron Boyle, junior Kelli Grezinger and sophomores Evan Richards and Ethan Hammer. They will be playing games similar to those found on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” A few of the technical students, such as senior Sara Orlet, will be showcasing their work which will include theatrical makeup tutorials, as well as examples of costume and set work.

“I’m really excited that Fine Arts Festival is finally coming together. There are so many students in this school that excel at the fine arts, and it was a great way for the community to appreciate the different styles of creative expression,” said theatre director Michelle Moll.

Deckard along with senior Zachary Lund have been working hard to make fliers in order to promote the event.

“It’s a really fun opportunity for the art department to showcase their talents,” said Deckard.