The explosions heard around the school

Thorpe, McCoy put chemistry into action, explode hyrdrogen filled balloon

On Friday Nov. 13, nearly 20 minutes before class ended, all science teachers took their class out to the soccer field to watch a real hydrogen bomb explode.

Well, not a REAL hydrogen bomb, but the next best thing. Mr. Scott Thorpe and Mr. Ryan McCoy filled a giant balloon with hydrogen, tied it to a board and lit a flame racing to the balloon for an explosion! The sound traveled to the opposite side of the school and sent a shock wave taking the breath away of students watching.

“What we do is the different points of chemical reaction and what we did was just show them a synthesis reaction outside,” Mr. Thorpe said. “I don’t know if it’s much of if the students learned from it, than it is to let them see chemistry come alive and a little more interest in the subject.”