Falling short of expectations

Boys basketball ends their season 13-14.


Melissa Wyas

Schweigert and Anderson lining up for Schweigert’s free throw.

Tues., March 1 the boys travelled to Fort Zumwalt South to compete against Francis Howell in GAC districts. They ended their season with the score of 76-61 against FHHS.

With high expectations in the beginning of the season, the team still ended with a close losing record of 13-14. Seniors AJ Anderson and Colton Schweigert ended the season on a good note, with many positive outlooks.

“We started the season pretty well, and then went through some rough patches,” Anderson said. “But we were able to come together and finish out the season strong so we could leave a good impression.”

The team’s first tournament of the year was at Hillsboro and the boys came in first for the third year in the row. After the tournament, the boys went on a winning streak. Five wins in, the losing streak began. Throughout the season the team kept bouncing between winning streaks and losing streaks. They’re longest losing streak was seven games.

“We kind of hit a rut. Towards the end of the year we went on a pretty big losing streak,” Schweigert said. “We were disappointed we didn’t win districts because that’s something we thought we could do this year and that was one of our goals.”

There were many injuries that happened this season, but the most remembered one is when junior Marcus James fell and fractured his wrist for two weeks, causing him to miss four games. The team went on another losing streak during James’ time out.

“I think the team could’ve used me in those games and I think what I brought to the team might have affected the mid season,” James said. “My team held the fort down until I got back.”

Through the challenges and changes the season brought, the boys kept fighting and ended proudly.