The ultimate winning streak

Varsity Ultimate Frisbee team has an undefeated streak, here’s how they do it


Senior Eric Gibbs prepares to catch the frisbee.

On Sun April 2 the ultimate frisbee team had a game against Chaminade here at FHC resulting in a win for the spartans 15-2. This win continues the team’s undefeated streak that it has maintained thus far into their season.

According to senior Eric Gibbs being undefeated can add a lot of pressure to the team and to the games in the near future, trying to maintain the undefeated streak.

“It feels awesome to be undefeated, it is a whole lot better than losing,” Gibbs.said  “There is a bit of a pressure trying to maintain a zero loss but even if we do lose it not that big of a deal”

However, despite the pressure, the boys played exceptionally well against Chaminade, even against harsh winds, which was really eye opening to the team on their success, according to senior TJ Buchanan

“The winds were super bad, it was pretty one sided down one field so like it’s a lot easier to go down the then up the wind,” said Buchanan we really proved a lot of how far our abilities in throwing have come because we were still doing really really well moving the frisbee up the field.”

In fact, as a team the ultimate frisbee players believe they are good enough this year to possibly go to state, but they have to be careful to be sure to keep a cool and calm level head so they do not let the pressure tear them down.

“I hope everybody can keep a level head and make sure that we go into the game knowing that it is important and keep the undefeated record that we have right now behind us because that’s what really tour us down last year,” said Buchanan. “Last year our confidence got a little too ahead of us”

Gibbs, feels that the team has been so successful because of their brotherhood and bond, because they are stronger and work hard and mesh well together, he feels it affects how well they play as a team out on the field.

“I feel like [our success] are because of our brotherhood I feel like us being closer together makes us play better”

Ultimate Frisbee’s hopes to continue their winning streak, and possibly make it to state.   

“Me and the entire team feel like we are actually strong enough to go to state this year, so that is our hope for the rest of the season,” said Gibbs.