The ultimate player

Team wins due to surprising catch


The team huddles before an important game

The frisbee went flying, looking as though it was going to score Parkway South a point. Suddenly, out of nowhere, junior Andrew Siemers leapt in, snagging the frisbee and saving the point, allowing the ultimate frisbee team to win their fourth game with a score of 15-10, putting them at 3 wins for the season.

“I’m told I jumped really high and really far,” Siemers said. “It was a momentum shifter. I just jumped and prayed and came down with it and I was excited.”

Fellow teammate and junior Sabrina Convery witnessed the catch and coined it as her favorite moment of Sunday’s game, although she attributed the win overall to the team’s ability to work together.

“For the most part, we try and work as a whole,” she said,  “and I think a lot of the other boys hustle…everyone just works as a unit and altogether we just did well.”

Sophomore Austin Nasalroad agreed that this was one of the team’s biggest strengths and was definitely important to the win.

“[Our win was because of our] teamwork and all around being a team and moving around the field a lot,” Nasalroad said.

Despite the win, however, the team could still improve in a few areas, according to Siemers.

“[We could] not let them try to come back,” Siemers said. “We were up 13-5 and then they scored 5 on us without us coming back with anything.”

Convery cited their areas of weakness more in communication than anything else.

“[We need] more communication,” Convery said. “I feel like that’s what we lack.”

This should not, however, prevent the team from having a successful remainder of the season according to the players.

“I think [the season so far] has been above our expectation level,” Siemers said, “and I think we’re gonna do well at state this year.”