No soda

Cutting back on sugars


Juliet Fuhrmann

Always have to have a water bottle on me to keep me hydrated throughout the day.

A couple weeks ago I made the decision to start a no soda or coffee diet. I decided to do this because I wanted to be more energized without caffeine and to be more healthy, obviously.

Some tips I have for going on this diet is too always carry a water bottle with you. I don’t know how many times I refill my water bottle throughout the day, which is a good thing. Studies have shown that the average person is suppose to drink half their body weight in water a day.

Whenever I go to Starbucks in the morning, I use to always get a coffee, but I can’t do that with this diet so the past few times I have been, I have gotten a green iced tea which still has caffeine in it, but it is not as much and is still the more healthy alternative. It definitely isn’t as strong as coffee but after a couple times of getting it, I realized I feel more refreshed.

Also throughout the day, I do not buy a soda or energy drink from the cafeteria which is the hardest thing sometimes because I am so use to getting a mountain dew every morning or getting a soda with my lunch. I always end up getting just milk or drink my water when I am at lunch, which is still weird for me. Or when I am home, I walk the opposite way of QT and just go on a walk. Instead of wasting all of my money on soda or any other junk

I am not gonna lie, a couple days ago I actually slipped and drank a cream soda not even thinking of it. But after I drank it, I just felt tired and bloated, I did not want to do anything. This is probably what I felt like when I first starting drinking soda so many years ago.

Only a few weeks in, I already notice a big health change. I don’t get tired out of nowhere, I am not bloated, I wanna get out and do things. It is great. I highly recommend doing this, even if it is just for a short period of time.