My crippled self

Be safe when working out


Juliet Fuhrmann

For years I have had knee pain, not just working out but even while walking. When I am working out my legs I now have to wear these knee wraps so my knees don’t pop.

So, lately in these blogs I’ve been telling you ideas on what to do for workouts or places to make it fun, but sometimes at least for me it isn’t fun.
Lately I’ve been having trouble working out, or at least go up in weight. Overall, I am a short and tiny person so my body can get overly tired very easily or even hurt.
Few months back I had ribs out of alignment, and there is a chance it was from working out but I honestly do not know. Whenever I get injured, I have to take it real easy.
You should stretch no matter what before and after a workout, I on the other hand is stubborn and never take the time to do so, but whenever I am hurt I have to stretch no matter what. I do 10-15 minutes of stretching and then roll out my back as well.
Then after, I do most of my regular workouts but I go light weight and I do less sets as well, so I do not wear myself out and make me even more injured than I already am.
Of course by what my chiropractor says, I do this for usually a couple weeks. Like right now, I have been having trouble with my hip popping whenever I do most of my leg workouts, so instead I have doing hip strengthening exercises to rehab it.
So be safe and careful, don’t lift anything that you know is too heavy or don’t run 5 miles if you’ve never done it before. Be safe but still have fun while doing it.