It is important to remember even with thousands of things to do, if you want to grow you must put yourself first.

Putting yourself first

Among our million and one things to do, we forget to do something for ourselves.
Emily Mann, CO-Editor in Chief March 16, 2018

March 10, 2016. The room is filled with 99 other students who are “just like me.” A cold, blurry, dark auditorium to me was a lively, happy, celebratory gathering for everyone else. Shaking, dizzy,...

Protesters outside the St. Charles Convention Center wave Trump flags while awaiting his arrival. President Trump traveled to St. Charles to speak about tax cuts.

Keep America Armed

Marcus Falcomata January 12, 2018

Vegas.  Texas.  Orlando.  Three events that have caused heartache in hundreds of families across America.  Events where law enforcement seemed to have no means to control the situation.  Disasters...

For years I have had knee pain, not just working out but even while walking. When I am working out my legs I now have to wear these knee wraps so my knees don't pop.

My crippled self

Be safe when working out
Juliet Fuhrmann, Move Editor November 29, 2017

So, lately in these blogs I’ve been telling you ideas on what to do for workouts or places to make it fun, but sometimes at least for me it isn’t fun. Lately I’ve been having trouble working...

Juliet Fuhrmann listening to her workout boosters playlist, her song of choice at this moment was

Workout boosters

Tunes to listen to when you need to be in the workout zone
Juliet Fuhrmann, Move Editor November 2, 2017

If you’re like me, you need to listen to some good music when you are working out, whether it be for lifting weights or running on the dreadmill. Here are some music you can listen to, that has a handful...

For back and bicep day, doing lateral pull showing off my back muscles. One of my favorite workouts to do.

Workouts in less than a hour

What to do
Juliet Fuhrmann, Move Editor October 24, 2017

Some of you may know this, but I am in the introduction weight training class at our school and it's a 45 min class usually, if I'm lucky. Whenever I go to the gym on my own, working out can last 2-3 hours...

Why Kneeling is Negative

Marcus Falcomata October 13, 2017

What do you think about when you think of Sunday afternoons?  Naps?  Football?  That is all about to change.  Because of protests by football players in the National Football League, Sundays are now...

Always have to have a water bottle on me to keep me hydrated throughout the day.

No soda

Cutting back on sugars
Juliet Fuhrmann, Move Editor October 10, 2017

A couple weeks ago I made the decision to start a no soda or coffee diet. I decided to do this because I wanted to be more energized without caffeine and to be more healthy, obviously. Some tips I have...

I am doing incline press in this photo with 17.5 lbs weights, this is my improvement. Before I could only do 5 lbs weights, I had to start somewhere.

Where to start

Why does one need to stay fit?
Juliet Fuhrmann, Move Editor October 3, 2017

Stay fit. This involves small diets one can do, workouts you can do, fun activities and so much more. Being active is tough, I am not gonna sugar coat that one bit. Getting up everyday and eating a healthy...

I have found in my journey of bettering myself, finding happiness keeping journals has helped immensely. With each blog post there will be a spread of my journal to inspire some things to write about, log, or draw out in your own.

Start somewhere

The idea of changing your life completely is daunting, seems nearly impossible. However, it will never begin if you don't at first try.
Emily Mann, Co-Editor in Chief September 28, 2017

The process. I refer to it - it being finding self-acceptance and practicing self-love - as a process because that is how I can best describe it. It will not come with the snap of your finger, or even...

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