Bittersweet senior night

Seniors on the girls soccer team were recognized at the last home game against North

Elisa Swanson

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Senior map
May 17, 2017

Senior Jenna Adkins goes for a fifty fifty ball

The girls soccer soccer is wrapping up their regular season games, including one last home game against the Francis Howell North Knights. Part of the evening was also taken to recognize the five seniors on the team. Of those seniors were forward Rachel Mossotti and defender Jenna Adkins. For Mossotti and Adkins, the evening was bittersweet with a 1-2 lost and yet another game bringing the team closer to the end of the season.
“Bittersweet really summarized the night. It was really sweet; the girls all got us gifts and made us cry,” Adkins said. “It was exciting because we had this wonderful senior night, but it was also this realization that it’s all almost over.”
For Adkins, a four year varsity player, soccer has improved her attitude towards school and allowed her to find her place at FHC with girls she could count on on and off the field.
“Soccer has made me want to come to school, like on game days, knowing that we have a game and all I have to do is just through school is fun,” Adkins said. “It is an amazing feeling when you are walking through the halls and you see a teammate. I will miss the group of girls that I can always go to.”
According to Mossotti, being a part of a team, especially the team this year, is like being part of a family.
“It’s like, when you are a part of a team, you will always have someone there for you. It’s never just you; you have ten other girls behind you. You always have people that you can go to. We really are family.” Mossotti said.
The girls said lack of drama has really improved the team dynamic and increased the trust for each other. It has made it possible for the girls to really get to know each other, without tension.
“As a team we have really connected well, we all get along, we all really enjoy being with each other. There hasn’t really been major drama on the team.” Mossotti said.
“We don’t have to worry about drama on the field, and because of that we can play our game and know that if you make a mistake, it’s okay because someone’s right behind you,” Adkins said. “There’s no cliques or anything. We are all just one big mesh.”
Record wise the team has not done as good as they did last year, but for the girls it is not about the record. This season has been fantastic, mainly due to the close team atmosphere.
“This season has been fun. I love the girls and how we have come together. We honestly all love each other,” Adkins said. “Sure our record was better last year, but we still played a lot of good soccer this year.
Looking forward to the postseason, the girls hope for a district win and a state run. Their hopes are not what will make a reality. Both Mossotti and Adkins agreed that nothing is set in stone and postseason success will take hard work and dedication.
“I hope we go to state and win districts. I don’t want to jinx anything. I think if we play the way I know we can, it is a possibility.” Adkins said.
“We need to work hard, be intense and really focus, do what we need to do. We will need to get our stuff done.” Mossotti added.
The Spartans will begin their district tournament today May 16th at Francis Howell Central.