Band begins with a bang

According to band director Mr. Nathan Griffin, it looks to be another successful year for the band program.

“The band is looking just as strong as it was last year,” Griffin said. “Our numbers have gone up and we have a great crop of new freshman.”

The band has been rehearsing all summer for both football season and their competition show. Their first performance is going to be at the home football game against Fort Zumwalt East on Friday.

“Our show this year is called ‘The Wall’. We’re taking music from a piece called ‘The Foundry’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’, ” Griffin said. “It’s been a fun show to do.”

Even though Mr. Griffin is confident in the New band, junior Katie Coffey is not completely confident in the New recruits just yet.

“I’m little nervous because we haven’t been able to practice on a field yet” Coffey said. “we’ve only been able to practice on the parking lot”

Even though she is nervous, Coffey is still excited for the upcoming band year.

“I’m excited that we have so many new marchers. the band is so much bigger; my section doubled” Coffey said.