Diving in


Carli Buchanan and Aubrey Maxwell, senior team captains of the girls swim team.

The girls swim and dive team is currently preparing for the upcoming season which starts with their first meet on Dec. 3. Senior team captains, Carli Buchanan and Aubrey Maxwell, are excited for the new season.

“I’m excited for the all new people we have joining; we have more new people than returning people,” said Buchanan.

Nicole Webb, is excited for this season as well, this is her first year on the team, and she wants to see improvement in herself and her teammates.

“I think I’m most excited to see how I can better myself, and how the team can better themselves from last year because I know what happened last year and I just want to see who can make it the farthest and get better,” said Webb.

With the season approaching quickly, the team is working hard to prepare themselves. Practice is in the evening for these girls, so they have to make sure they can get through it.

“Sleep is key because our practices are so late, so just making sure I get enough sleep, and getting everyone pumped up and excited because a lot of time when the meets are really late, [the hardest part is] to get people motivated,” said Buchanan.

Team members each have a strong point and bring something different to the table. Buchanan swims the 100 fly, butterfly, and the long distance; Maxwell swims 500 to 200 because she does distance freestyle. Webb had a different take on her strong point though.

“I may not be the best at swimming but everywhere I go, I try to lead and encourage people.” said Webb.