Almost back-to-back champs

Almost Back to Back Champs in the Warrenton Tournament


Belle Herrera

Emma Raup takes possession of the ball and looks for a pass.

Belle Herrera
Emma Raup takes possession of the ball and looks for a pass.

On Jan. 12, the girls varsity basketball team played against Warrenton High School at FHC and loss with the score ending with Warrenton 49 and FHC 41.

Going into the start of the game, the Spartans had recently won first place in the Warrenton tournament which boosted the team’s expectations as well as their confidence before playing Warrenton.

Lauren Ebert, sophomore guard for varsity, had a good start by scoring early and distributing the ball to her teammates. Ebert but wasn’t able to finish the game strong due to her being in early game foul trouble which forced varsity’s head coach Coach Leake to sit Ebert to make sure that she didn’t foul out of the game.

“I was on the bench for the majority of the game because of my fouls. I really regret those fouls obviously, but next time I just have to make sure I’m not too aggressive to the point where I take myself out of the game,” Ebert said.

Both teams fought through the entire game but Warrenton’s Big powered through the spartans defence.

Yani Curry who also is a sophomore and plays guard for varsity, started of the game playing well. Unlike Ebert, Curry was able to play almost the whole game and help narrow down the deficit the Warriors had over the Spartans.

“This was a really good experience for the team. In the past tournament, it was kind of a cake walk to the championship but the actual championship game was a little challenging so this was a little wake up call to us,” Curry said.

The team, as well as the coaches weren’t satisfied with their performance after the game. The girls discussed the game and came up with ideas on how to improve on their past mistakes that they made during the game.

Junior Ashley Roland, the team’s post player was one of the members that had some thoughts about the team’s level play.

“The going really good for us this year but besides the loss we’re still playing well and doing a good job of talking on both sides of the ball,” Roland said.“We just didn’t execute the plays that Coach Leake drew up for us and we struggled keeping their center out of the paint and scoring so that was a big factor in the loss.”

The team’s next game is on Friday, Jan. 20. They will be playing Fort Zumwalt South at Fort Zumwalt South looking to improve their regular season to 11-2.