A Visit from KCAI

On Sept. 13, the Kansas City Art Institute came to FHC to speak to students interested in getting a degree in art. Not to be confused with the association of art tech schools known as the Art Institutes, KCAI is a university. KCAI counselor Jacleyn Senne visited Mrs. Judy Switzer’s room during seventh hour to inform students of the many opportunities that the university offers, from the different school programs available, to scholarships and admission requirements. KCAI even offers teacher workshops over the summer.

The art department here at FHC has built relationships with several art schools over the years, KCAI being one of them. Mrs. Michelle McCune is in charge of setting up the meetings with the art schools, and has been doing since she took the KCAI summer workshop for teachers eight years ago.

“We like to do these meetings with the art schools because they give presentations to the students, but also look at the portfolio works” said McCune.

Senne even gave her business card and phone number to those students who wanted to send her pictures of their work in order to get feedback. One of those students was senior Brittany Myers.

Myers took part in KCAI’s summer program last summer. She heard about it from a friend and decided to join up because of the scholarship you can obtain through it. For the pre-college lab, you get to choose what type of art to focus on such as graphic design or painting. All participants must also take a creative writing class and a figure drawing class. Although you can enroll in the program more than once, Myers doesn’t think she’s going to do it again this year.