The Weekend Routine

The Weekend Routine is a local punk band featuring senior Cody Jones on drums along with Holt students Alex Foley on lead guitar, Zach Shaw on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, and Brannon Rehm on bass. Drawing their style from influences such as Four Year Strong, All Time Low, and Hit the Lights; Jones somewhat elaborated on what The Weekend Routine sounds like.

“We call it ‘pop-punk with cojones’,” said Jones.

As typical of Cody as this description is, it’s right. The song they have up on facebook called “On the Floor” features melodic, almost addictive melodies matched with drums you can feel in your chest and sheer power that takes you by, well … the cojones.

Saturday Oct. 20 The Weekend Routine is playing at four o’clock p.m. at Cicero’s down in the Loop. Eddie’s Munsters, High Velocity, and Liberation Redux are also playing. Tickets are $10 with a $2 surcharge for minors. You can either catch Cody at school or contact them on facebook to get tickets.

They do have more than one song, so don’t worry. You won’t be disappointed by these boys, and you’re missing out if you don’t head down there Saturday. Keep an eye out for their demo in the near future, just as soon as they can get in the “Drewdio” with alumus Drew Anderson.

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See you Saturday children.