Glee At FHC


Andy Waliszewski

Zariya Robertson motivates her team during timeout at a girls varsity volleyball game.

Senior Jack Patton practices for the AP exam during his AP Literature class taught by Sarah LaRue. (Kyly Jacobs )

The Upperclassmen of FHC are finishing out their year strong with many students reflecting on the highlights of this past school year. Looking back can give students the opportunity to recognize the experiences and events that help to shape their personalities, while also providing insight into the positive experiences gained with participation in FHCs extracurriculars and classes. This insight can be especially helpful for upperclassmen as they begin to plan for life after high school, and the challenges brought on by adulthood more generally. Exploring these moments in which students’ lives are fundamentally changed allows for us to better understand and appreciate ourselves and those around us.

With the year coming to an end, many fun and engaging activities are brightening the lives of those at FHC. With so many end of year events to look forward to, it’s important to narrow our focus, so we can truly appreciate them. Senior Jack Patton has been anticipating many of these events throughout high school. 

“I can’t wait to get off the stage and be with my family and then go to everybody’s graduation parties. Mine is even the night of. Then there’s Party Central and Prom. We get to actually spend what’s like our last couple of months together [ The Senior class],” Patton said.

We couldn’t possibly appreciate the lives of students without acknowledging the teachers who inspire us to grow and succeed. Having teachers who are willing to openly communicate with their students is a critical component in creating environments where students can learn, whilst looking forward to their classes every day.  Something that’s helped senior Joey Servers has been the ability to openly communicate with his teachers, allowing him to seek support and advice whenever it’s been needed.

“I’ve had some teachers that are really supportive and open to talking about the future. I feel like I can talk to them about what I want for my future and have their guidance when it comes to planning,” Seevers said.

There are many teachers who dedicate themselves to creating an open environment for their students, and promoting a classroom in which students can feel excited to learn when they walk through the door everyday. 

“I’ve really enjoyed AP Lit because of the people in it and the teacher Mrs. Larue. A lot of other teachers like Miss Faye or Mr. Bitney, they make the class feel kind of together, and they make it a lot more enjoyable, even if they’re difficult classes to be in,” Patton said. 

These classes have continued to be a positive outlet for students, who feel motivated to work hard, and simply gain more enjoyment out of high school. Students can partake in even more experiences by joining in on extracurricular activities outside of school.  Junior Zariya Robinson has found extracurriculars to be a great way of meeting and interacting with other students.

 “I feel like it’s made me build more of a family. People I can go to and know that I’ve seen them in my clubs. I feel like I can talk to them in the hallways and always know I could say hello to them,” Robinson Said.

Clubs and extracurricular activities work to create countless memories, which can be remembered long after high school. Being able to fondly remember the projects and goals you’ve worked on with others can be incredibly rewarding.

We planned homecoming, and there were a lot of people helping out. It was pretty crazy. There were like 50 people there setting everything up. I mean, it was really fun to see everyone  there, and everybody having a good time,” Patton Said.

Upperclassmen have plenty of terrific experiences to look back on as they move on beyond high school or transition into their senior year. Positive experiences, whether it be from extracurriculars, classes, or sports, help us to appreciate the progress we have made throughout our years in high school. It’s hard to articulate just how much someone can grow and change throughout their high school years, which presents us with an interesting question. If you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself during freshman year, what advice would you give?

“Get out of your shell more, my freshman year I really was not very social and stuff. And I think if I had started earlier, putting myself out there, I would have had a way better time in my earlier years in high school,” Seevers said.