Sculpture Students Spiff up the Halls

Anyone who has taken a stroll down a hallway in FHC in the past week or so might have noticed a change in scenery. The Art Department’s sculpture classes placed some of their pieces around the school.

The particular lesson the sculpture students are learning is over Claes Oldenburg, an American sculptor known for taking everyday objects and making them larger than life. Among the many sculptures gracing the halls are a bowtie, an iPod, a pocket watch on a chain, a mailbox towering over the heads of every passerby, the cover art of Fall Out Boy’s album “From Under the Cork Tree,” and a hairy, five-foot-tall house fly reclining in a chair, chowing on cheese puffs and playing a video game.

Junior Rebecca Spain worked with her friend, sophomore Danielle Catalano on an oversized replica of one of hip hop artist Mod Sun’s CDs.

“It was a friendship thing between Danielle and I. We listen to Mod Sun together all the time,” said Spain.

Senior Pierce Bloebaum is also in sculpture class this year. His Oldenburg-inspired piece is a four feet by two and a half feet circuit board that he’s had some minor setbacks with.

“Well [Mrs. Judy] Switzer accidentally kicked it and sent a few pieces flying off, but other than that it’s coming along fine. I just need to decide if I’m going to do the back of it too,” said Bloebaum.

Bloebaum was originally going to do a sculpture of a hat but discovered it would have been more trouble than it was worth. That’s when fellow senior Andrew Henke suggested that he create a circuit board. Despite the various struggles he’s faced, Bloebaum says he thoroughly enjoys the class.

“You get to build things and be creative about it. There’s no ‘right’ answer. It’s not like my other higher-level classes where I have to stress about always getting the right answer,” Bloebaum said.

If the intricate talents of the school’s art department have failed to catch your eye so far, prepare to be taken aback. The work of these FHC artists is bringing color to the halls one giant bow tie at a time.