Embracing perspective

People are inherently different and have developed their own perspective, and society must work to understand and respect each other.


Hunter Rodgers

Mackenize Morris displays nobody wins when others do not respect perspective. She is wearing a dunce cap saying “NO ONE WINS.”

No two people will have the same exact take on every single issue or idea. Sure people will share some similarities in beliefs, but ultimately, everyone has their own individual perspective on life. People will scream and fight simply because two individuals have their own perspective and their own ideas about life and themselves. They simply refuse to take a step back and accept and embrace each other’s differences. Jealousy and hatred runs rampant in people’s hearts because the “rich kid” complains about their cancelled vacation to Cancun, or the “smart kid” is disappointed about their B. We are not the same and different things are more upsetting or joyful to different people, accept that and understand it.

Culture and environment plays one of the most crucial roles in shaping personality and the expectations that people learn to have about their life. Certain individuals do not all value all of the same exact idea. Education might hold more value than fitness, or the roles could be reversed; we should not judge others because their top priority differs from others. The standards that people will hold themselves too will also differ from person to person; if they are disappointed themselves about not meeting that expectation, then that is their business and their business only. What will getting angry honestly do to benefit anyone

There have been TV episodes about it and is probably the most common example of this, the straight A student, who has never received a grade lower than 90%, gets their first B on a test. People call them pretentious and make comments about how they are being snobby, and they argue a B is still a good grade. No one is arguing that a B is not a good grade, but a B to that straight A student can feel devastating. They have a different set of expectations for themselves, and they feel as if they have majorly failed themselves, I can vouch for this as I am one of these students. I remember the first B I ever received in a class and feeling like a total idiot because I failed to meet what I saw I should have been able to, and it took me awhile to come to the realization I did the best I could and should not berate myself.

This does not mean the student is better than the critic, or the critic is better than the student; it merely suggests that we must understand and respect our different perspectives. This respect must go both ways though, just as the critic should reconsider their anger and hatred, the student needs to know their audience. The student should not go around whining all day to everyone about how horrible a B is to students who, on average, are proud of themselves for receiving a B. At that point it does just become pretentious, and honestly rude, because the student is now failing to take into account other people’s perspective.

As a society of people, we are not a group of walking robots programs to be exactly the same. Society will and continues to shape people into their own individual people filled with unique ideas and values, so respect their perspectives. I am not advising to overlook someone’s racist or homophobic perspective or anything that is universally ethically wrong, rather take a second before you get all up in arms and begin yelling at someone for having failed their expectations. It grows difficult to remain silent at how the world has been unjust and unfair to you because you have never once gone on a vacation to leave the country, but for all those that have it better and get to travel the world, remember that there are much more that have it worst and struggle to even find a home; therefore, be appreciative and embrace our perspectives that  influences our diverse society.