Early preparations

Winter Guard is slowly, but surely, beginning their season preparation. The first step was finishing auditions, which the squad wrapped up recently.

“We just got done with auditions, and we have set the guard at 24 people,” senior Katie Tobin said.

The group is mainly fall guard crossovers, but the group received some transfers from the band. Now that the squad has been decided, the members will embark on the journey toward their first competition, a journey that is littered with practices and camps.

“We have practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays and camp on Saturdays,” Tobin said. “They’ve been going really well. The incoming new guard is really strong and picking up stuff really fast.”

Although practices have begun, and the squad is in place, the group is still in the dark about what show they will be performing.

“Our coach won’t tell us until she’s sure of what it is,” Tobin said.