Little drummer boys (and girls)

While the end of the fall season seems to bring with it a lull in the ongoings of sports teams and activities, the onset of winter signals the beginning of several little-known activities, one of these being winter drumline.

FHC’s winter drumline is an offshoot of the band program, and many members of the Spartan Regiment participate in it for a number of reasons.

“It’s really fun, I like just having battery. All my friends are in it,” said junior Emily Tedford, who also marches in the fall.

Sophomore Jacob Nolan marches in winter for a different reason. “I want to get better at percussion, specifically playing cymbals, which I don’t get to play in the fall because we don’t march them.”

Auditions for the group were held on November 28, with the final list of members being set last Friday, the 31st. The group has already begun their rehearsals, which are scheduled sporadically until January, when the gym opens up more.

This season’s show is entitled “Shaolin.” It includes music from pop artist Regina Spektor, and its theme centralizes on martial arts.

When asked if they were excited for this season, a chorus of drumline members shouted in unison, “Oh yeah!”

The Spartan winter drumline’s first performance will take place on Saturday, February 23 at Edwardsville High School.