Boys’ tennis dominates in tournament

Boys’ tennis wins first place in the Francis Howell doubles tournament


On the first day of the Howell doubles tournament, Alex Schrautemeier serves to the opposing team. He and his brother eventually went on to win third place overall.

This week, boys’ tennis participated in the annual Francis Howell doubles tournament. Eight teams met on FHC courts, The tournament began on Wednesday, and all four of our doubles teams advanced to the second round. On Thursday, all four doubles teams placed and the team won the tournament overall.

Junior Bo Webb and his partner, junior Corey Moats, are two of the eight players who participated in the tournament. He was proud of the team for how well they did on the first day of the tournament.

“We all made it to the semifinals, so we did pretty good,” Webb said.

Despite being unfamiliar with each others’ playing styles, Webb and Moats won the tournament for their rank. They were one of three doubles teams from our school to earn first place.

Junior Michael Yu and his doubles partner, junior Austin Massar, made it to semifinals and won the tournament for their rank.

“I was really excited because I’ve never been in a tournament before for tennis,” Massar said. “I was super happy, and I was really proud of my teammates.”

While at first it was a struggle to adapt to each other’s playing styles because they had never played together before, Massar and Yu played well together by the second day of the tournament, and their first place title reflects that.
Even though only four doubles teams participated in the tournament, this was a huge win for the whole team, and they hope to continue the streak throughout the rest of the season.