Pies and Presidents

Shortly after the announcement of new club leaders, Epsilon Beta hosts a fundraiser with the incentive to pie a teacher in the face.

Kenzie Morris, Voice editor

This past week has been an eventful one for the members of Epsilon Beta. After holding elections, the group has decided on a new set of officers, but took the leadership in a new direction. Next year, the club will operate under a co-presidency with juniors Elizabeth Skelly and Ellie Cook. Skelly feels it only made sense for the both of them to assume presidency.

“We decided to have a co-presidency because when elections were over, there was an exact 50/50 tie between Ellie Cook and I. To us, this meant we were both qualified and people thought we could do well,” Skelly said.

Skelly also felt it would be helpful to be able to share the workload with another person.

“Ellie and I are both very involved, so if one of us is crazy busy, we’d have someone to rely on,” Skelly said, “I don’t think anything will be too different with co-presidents. We are both ready to work as a team.”

Since the elections and announcement of new leaders, Epsilon Beta has continued their service endeavors. Sophomore, and now secretary, Humzah Bari, sites one of the major purposes of the club as service.

“Epsilon Beta is more of a service club, and what we do is more library based things, like we volunteer in elementary schools, donate books, and that’s the kind of work we do,” Bari said.

Last week, the club held an event raising pop tabs.

“[The pop tabs] are given to the Ronald McDonald house, worth about 10 cents each,” Skelly said.

They had five bins set up, each representing a different teacher. Students put pop tabs into the bin of any teacher of their choice, and whoever had the most tabs in their bin got a pie in the face at the pep assembly. Mrs. Larue was the teacher whose bin got the most tabs.

“I think it was successful, considering there was about 11 pounds donated for 1 teacher,” Skelly said, “I think it was a good idea, and we will definitely continue it or something like it next year.”

Next year is shaping up to be quite a bit different for Epsilon Beta in light of Mrs. Hauquitz’s retirement, but the outlook is positive.

“I think next year might go really well because we have new officers, it’s going to be a lot of fun, it’s going to be a lot of, possibly, a lot of changes,” Bari said.