Girls’ golf meets season with a smile

The Troy Invitational doesn’t show a favored outcome, but the girls stay positive

The girls golf team on September 1, had their very first tournament of the season. They have been working their tails off in order to play their best. The girls even played a match on the day of the solar eclipse (  A player with especially large shoes to fill is Allison Ryan, senior, and the team’s number one player. When asked Ryan felt enthusiastic about getting back into the swing of things with the beginning of the season.

“It feels great to be back, but kind of sad because it’s my last year. And since I’m number one, I feel like there is a lot of pressure on me to be the best.” Ryan said.

Sophomore and top two varsity player, Rachel Bruno, was also asked to give her views on what went down during the invitational.

“I was impressed with everyone improving, and the team helps each other out,” Bruno said.

Although the team ended up 9th out of 12th, Bruno and the rest of the girls stay optimistic, and never fail to remember why they continue to play and work so hard to give their best performances. Rachel explains her how the tournament went for them.

“We lost a few and it didn’t feel great but we just said we will try better next time.” Bruno said.

Ryan also shares this love for meeting new people. Sophomore Gabrielle Berger adds a few other aspects of the game that makes it worthwhile.

“The best part of golf is when you hit a good shot or you have a really good day on the course and your friends are happy for you.” Berger said.

They have had a promising start and their next tournament is September 18.