Last place for Girls Golf

    Struggle for their second tournament


    Girls golf player Marlee Long, enjoys playing golf and having such a good team. They may have struggled but she is happy it was a struggle with them.

    Saturday, September 9th was the second tournament of the season for girl’s golf. Out of 15 schools, the girls were in last place and devastated about it. Senior Allison Ryan, team captain, thought they were very out of whack.

    “We came in last place, so we did not do good at all. I was very upset about it, it was a bad day for everyone I think,” Ryan said.

    After the rough start to the season with the Troy Invitational (read about the invitational here), the team members took the blow especially hard, including Marlee Long. The accumulative results lead the girls to rethink their mindset.

    “I think the pressure of [playing against] mostly private schools got to us, I also think that we could have played smarter. We could have done a lot better,” Long said.

    A positive mindset can change the name of the game, so although their spirits were lowered, the girls refrained from putting each other down. Instead, they supported each other, and began to prepare themselves for their next match.

    “Even though we were not happy with our overall score and personal scores, we still supported each other as a team.” Long said.

    Along with the support of their teammates, the girls managed to keep their heads up in the spirit of the sport, like Rachel Bruno, one of the top players.

    “We came in last place, but we had a great time just playing a game of golf together,” Bruno said.

    They also thought about their performance from a tactical standpoint. The tactics are as important as the mindset, tactics provide the basis for a quality player.

    “We could all have practiced more and have been more prepared… We all tried the best that we could at the time,” Ryan said.

    There’s no question as to the potential that the girls have, and these results do not change that. With the Knight Cup rapidly approaching on Monday, September 18, another chance for triumph is born.