End of the season

Districts and goodbyes


Juliet Fuhrmann

Senior and captain of the girl’s golf team, Allison Ryan. She talks about how she will miss playing golf for FHC

It was a good and bad day for girl’s golf at districts on Monday, September 30. It was overall a good way to end the season for the girls, it could’ve gone better though. As sophomore Gabrielle Berger said,

“It was rough, it was hot and it was off of my game.”

Like Berger, many of the girls felt a bit off, but they continued to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Junior Rachel Bruno agrees that it could have gone better, but she is also looking on the positive end of the spectrum.

“Well the one bad thing is I did not make it to sectionals with my friends on the other team but one good thing is that I had a great year with the girls and meeting new people on the other teams and got to spend the season with my friends,” Bruno said.

For their last tournament of the season, the ladies were hoping for a more favorable outcome. However, they’re already looking for ways to improve themselves for next year.

“I will be doing it next year and I am going to play 18 hole over summer to prepare,” Berger said.

She is not the only one who is going to prepare for next season though, Bruno, is also determined to make sure she is ready and better than ever for next season.

“To prepare for next season, I do training with a pro golfer every weekend, so she will help me and I also play golf with my boyfriend and family,” Bruno said.

The only one who won’t be doing this in high school next year, since she is a senior, is Allison Ryan. She’s excited for a new start, but sadden by the fact that she will never do this again.

“I will miss the people and getting out and doing something after school instead of going home and doing nothing,” Ryan said.

Berger and Bruno will miss golf, and Allison as well for next year. They will miss seeing their friends and meeting new people from other schools during matches.

“We will miss Allison, she brought a lot to the team,” Bruno said.