A three-team sweep

October 3, 2017, all three levels of the girls volleyball team hosted Troy high school and three levels came out with wins.

Last night, October 3, 2017, the Varsity girls’ volleyball team played Troy Buchanan High School for their second time this season. They were not too worried about this game, knowing they had beat Troy once before.

The game was here at FHC, and the girls were eager to defeat this school on our home court. Although they were anticipating a win, there were still some concerns running through the players’ heads prior to the game.

Junior outside hitter Hannah Goestenkors is on the Varsity team for her third year now. Because she has been a part of the team for so long, she has been able to pick out the general strengths and weaknesses of the Varsity team.

“If we don’t take them lightly, we should play well,” Goestenkors said.

She was worried that some of her teammates were going to go into the game expecting to win, potentially causing them to not play as hard. Goestenkors said that they needed to work well as a team in order to pull off another win.

Sophomore outside hitter Liv Green agreed with Goestenkors, knowing the girls could not just go into the game thinking it would be as easy as the first time they played Troy.

“Troy has also gotten better since the last time we played them,” Green said.

Green was encouraging her team to focus on finishing strong and not easing up on Troy at any point throughout the game.

Junior setter Josie Prince kept in mind how Troy played the first time and was thinking about what needed to be done in order for our Varsity team to do as well as possible.

“We just need to be able to adjust to where their hits are going and how they’re playing,” Prince said.

The girls ended up doing an excellent job against Troy, winning in two set