2013-2014 Theatre Season Announced

The Spotlight Players were thrilled to announce their 2013-2014 season at the theatre kick off meeting on August 16, which includes the fall play “See how they run” and spring musical “Into the Woods, as well as reinstating “Student Directed One Acts” this winter after electing not to do it the previous year.

First up is the play, “See How They Run, which can be classified as a farce, a type of comedy the department has not yet tried. Director Michelle Moll thinks the choice may present a challenge to actors as a farce is all about physical comedy, requiring actors to take a lot of risks. Despite the challenge, both Ms. Moll and students are excited about the show.

“I’ve always wanted to do a farce,” Ms. Moll said. “It’s guaranteed to give the community a different taste of what we can do.”

The show is set to run from Nov. 22-24, and auditions will be Aug. 28.

Following the play will be “
One Acts.

“I’m really excited about “One Acts.” Thespian president, senior
James Hurley, said. “It really goes back to our roots.”

Until last year, the department had featured “One Acts” as a part of their season every year since 2001.

Spotlight Players were disappointed last year with the decision to omit
One Acts from the 2012-2013 season, leading to Ms. Moll’s decision to do One Acts this year. Also contributing to this decision, Ms. Moll said that the show fits nicely between the Thespian State Conference and the musical.

The announcement that the department would be doing “
Into the Woods was met with a lot of excitement. Students, like Hurley, are hoping the choice of musical will bring in bigger audiences than years past. With the new movie coming out next year, this goal just might be reached. But putting on a good show is not without its challenges, and Ms. Moll said that this show will be very challenging musically. Despite this, she believes it will be a very fun musical.