Students run toward the “See How They Run” auditions

As auditions for the upcoming play, “See How They Run,” which will take place Aug. 28, inch their way closer, Theater Director Michelle Moll has high hopes, as well as considerably high expectations, for this year’s future cast.

“With all the talented kids coming from different schools, I’m hoping there will be a bigger interest in auditions than years before,” Ms. Moll said. “From what I have heard from Dr. Michelle Hestrup, who works at Saeger, I have very high expectations for the students who wish to audition.”

The following production, One Acts, has been a favorite of both students and student actors since 2001, and is the most anticipated play of the year. Freshmen that are new to Central, and even those who missed it last year, don’t really know what to expect from the One Acts, and that is why it’s a favorite. According to Ms. Moll, One Acts is a big deal because four students, primarily juniors and seniors, get to pick between writing a play or picking a play that is already made, hold auditions, and then direct it themselves.

“[One Acts] gives the kids a chance to shine and to claim ownership of their own work,” Ms. Moll said. “It’s also a shorter process, about four weeks, instead of the eight weeks for a regular play, which puts less stress on the kids.”

Excitement and enthusiasm grows for the anticipation of auditions, and Ms. Moll encourages everyone who is nervous and having second thoughts about auditioning to go ahead and try their best.

“You will be nervous and you probably won’t be anywhere near perfect, but in the long run, taking the risk of auditioning will benefit you in some way, and who knows, maybe you will make it,” Ms. Moll said.