Places to go

    Fun activities that involve a good workout


    The view from the top of the City Museum. The sky was a filled with clouds and showers.

    When you workout, you have to make it fun for yourself, otherwise you are not gonna want to keep up with it all the time. I have done some fun things that have made me sorer after doing it.

    Over summer I went to the city museum downtown, if you don’t know what it is it’s a whole building that is basically a jungle gym. A specific and popular part is the 10 story slide, you have to get to it by walking up 10 flights of stairs. Even if you only do it once, you will be getting in cardio and working your legs a lot.

    All over the building there is “tubes” and “tunnels” that you can climb and crawl in to get to other places or rooms.

    Overall, when going to the museum, you are running around wherever you are and climbing so many things, then the next day you will be extremely sore.

    Another activity you could do is rock climbing. It works out your arms heavily and surprisingly your legs as well. After a whole day of doing this, you will possibly gain muscle.

    And of course, going to the pool and swimming laps will wear you out. Especially on a hot summer day, you will for sure be tired once you get home.

    When it was still warm outside, every day after school I use to go to the pool and swim laps for about an hour. I don’t know why but I would be sorer than lifting weights, which is saying something. Swimming works out your core and your arms.

    There are plenty of other places and things you can do to exercise. As long as you make it for fun you!