Finding your place in The 300

Student section inspires athletes, connects students


Coming home covered in colored flour on a Friday night is not a rare occurrence after attending a football game in the student section. So far the football team has won a total of three games thanks to their outstanding efforts as well as a little help from the wildly encouraging student section. The student section has shown its enthusiasm by incorporating themes such as Hawaiian, American, neon, etc to involve the students even more, whilst incorporating a variety of witty chants and cheers.

The student section has never failed to encourage the players as well as involve each student in feeling like they are a part of the school. Here students are able to socialize with friends and meet new people while in a positive exciting environment. Everyone is able to show their support and enthusiasm no matter what grade, upperclassmen are able to encourage other students while leading in positive support for the team, as freshman are able to get involved with the school as they experience a good time with their peers. The students not only come up with fun chants but also incorporate themes each student may dress accordingly to, to show their school spirit.

Freshman Taylor Kriegg was enthused when asked about her experience as a freshman in the student section.

“It’s really fun to do all the chants and scream as well as face painting and getting ready with all my friends,” Krieg said. “Some of my best friends whom I don’t have any classes with or ever see, but at games, we are all friends and I have gotten a lot closer to them and have met their friends as well… I’ve met so many new people.

Sophomore Logan McNack frequently attends these games while showing off his school spirit in themed attire, talks about his experiences participating in this section and what influences him to participate.

“What drives me to do that (referring to his participation in the section) is seeing all my friends and seeing how good the Spartan community is and seeing all the happy faces”, McNack said. He felt it gets people more engaged with each other, “you get to meet new people through games.”

Varsity football player and senior Jackson Snell was eager to give his first-hand experience as to how this section has affected and motivated him as a player.

“The student section is everything to me I couldn’t live without it … they motivate us to do our best,  they are the lifeblood of our program … I wanna play every Friday night for the student section, no other reasons, we receive all of our energy through them,” Snell said.