Author surprises students

Author Wes Moore sees the impact he has on FHC students


Chloe Bockhorst, Staff reporter

The Other Wes Moore is an intricate story that serves as an autobiography as well as a biography of another man with the same name. Thus, it is great example of a book that students are introduced to in their high school career. One of the Wes Moores’ – author Wes, as he is called to deviate him from the Wes in prison – is a captivating person who has accomplished many things such as forming an organization called Robin Hood, that fights poverty. This is only one example of the great things he has done besides write this book.

Many would assume he is too busy to notice the individuals reading his book. However, he is an exception. Moore often takes the time to reply to teachers who have tweeted to him about their class reading his story. English teacher Ms. Eiswirth is lucky to be one of them. Last year, her English I class read The Glass Castle and wrote to the author about the impact her book had on her students. This year, they did the same with The Other Wes Moore. She condensed some of them into a three picture tweet and tagged him.

“I was hopeful that he would tweet, but I didn’t really expect him to,” Ms. Eiswirth explained.

Her class was just as excited as she was – many saw the tweet for themselves and followed him.

“I didn’t really expect him to reply so quickly,” freshman Stephen Derenski.

As often as Moore does reply, no one predicted that their class would also manage to get his attention. It’s a coincidence that he replied, too; Eiswirth allows her students to pick their own books to read. They all agreed to read the lucky title, The Other Wes Moore.

“I like that she lets us pick what we can read,” commented freshman Faith Bridges. Clearly, this was a good idea they didn’t see coming.