One size fits none

Women’s clothing needs to accommodate all shapes and sizes

Whitney Klein

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December 24, 2018

Time to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: equality! But it’s not going to be your normal angry discussion about wage gaps or stereotypes, we’re gonna talk about clothes.

Buying clothes, as a girl, is the most exasperating process. Nothing ever fits on the first go round, unless you’re a perfectly skinny barbie doll. Clothes for girls are basically a one-size-fits-all deal; if you’re in the higher sizes, you’re S.O.L. Shirts are too tight or too baggy. Skirts and shorts ride up. Bras are painful even if they fit you correctly. And jeans are just out of the question.

Finding a pair of jeans that actually fits you perfectly is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. If they fit your legs and your hips, they definitely don’t fit your waist, and vice versa. If you’ve got long legs, finding jeans to reach your ankles and fit your thigh size leaves you wishing you could find some fairy godmother somewhere in the clothes racks holding a perfectly made pair just for you. You get the picture.

Girls are supposed to be empowered and feel comfortable in their own skin, but it’s difficult when they don’t have clothes that fit them. We are judged so much in our everyday lives – for our clothes, our weight, our makeup – and no matter how much we want that to change, nothing is really happening. We need clothes that are more open to people of all sizes. We need clothes that make everyone feel comfortable instead of girls with one specific body type feeling comfortable.

Women need clothes that make them feel comfortable. Not saying that women need clothes to love themselves; women need clothes to make them feel better about their already amazing selves.

When clothes don’t fit right in certain places, it leaves women uncomfortable and judging whether or not they should change. I, personally, change my outfit at least 3 times before leaving the house in the morning. Clothes should enhance natural beauty instead of being tight in the wrong places.

The fashion industry needs to understand that not all women are pencil thin, not all women fit a size 5 or under. Women are all different shapes and sizes, and clothes should accommodate each and every one of them.

Comfort is one of the biggest issues with women’s clothing. Bras, something we have to wear every day, are extremely difficult to find in the correct size.  If you don’t wear them, you’re criticized or judged. When you can’t find one in your size, then you’re forced to wear something that either digs into your skin or moves out of place all the time (i.e. “your bra strap is showing”). We need a better bra. One that won’t impair our backs or stab our chests.

Also, could we maybe have some pockets? The pockets on women’s clothes barely fit one finger. Maybe we want a place to put our money, phones, etc. And don’t say we have purses. Have you seen those things? Do you want to be lugging around this enormous bag everywhere that’s uncomfortable to carry no matter how you hold it? Most men could fit the entire universe and their pockets and we can barely fit loose change. How is that fair?

Our clothes should fit us. They should be comfortable. We should feel good about the outfits we have chosen instead of doubting ourselves throughout the day. Women are not one size. We’re all different. The fashion industry needs to open their eyes and see that.